2007: Centennial History Slideshow

This is a Quicktime version of a slideshow history of the parish that was prepared for the Centennial Dinner Dance of February 10, 2007 (on the feast day of St. Scholastica). Roseanne and Joseph Veltri created the slideshow and designed the graphics. Jodine Costanzo-Downey narrated a script written by Bernadine Bonessa and Andrew Bechman.

NOTE: This is a large file, you may wait until the movie is fully loaded or you may click the play button arrow (lower left) in the control panel to begin viewing already loaded portions.
Runtime: About 20 minutes

NOTE FOR 2013: Best viewed with Firefox, Safari, or Internet Explorer browsers. For some reason that we have not yet been able to determine, this movie will not run for Mac Chrome users and gives the following error message: "Could not load Quicktime Plug-in 7.7.1"

This seems to be a Quicktime issue that other Chrome users have run into with other movies on other sites. We apologize for any inconvenience, and if we find a solution we will make adjustments or provide more information.

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